Founded in 2010, the Centre for Scientific and Applied Projects (MTPC) provides a wide variety of project management services to the private and the public sector.

We adhere to the principles of integrity, openness and impartiality. We always endeavour to:

  • fully understand the Customer’s needs;
  • offer professional solutions to the problems;
  • work on behalf of the Customer, together with the Customer and for the Customer;
  • rapidly and flexibly perform the entrusted tasks.

We provide professional services in the following fields:

Management of EU Structural Fund projects and other projects:

  • preparation of investment projects;
  • preparation of applications forms;
  • project administration, etc. 

Engineering, social and economic research:

  • analysis and assessment of municipalities;
  • thematic research and assessment, etc.

Preparation of planning documents:

  • preparation of strategic development plans;
  • preparation of strategic action plans, etc.

 Organisation research and diagnostics:

  • assessment of performance efficiency;
  • assessment of needs for staff qualification advancement;
  • assessment of organisation’s micro climate, etc.

 Organisation development:

  • training courses and qualification advancement;
  • teambuilding, etc.